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Learn everything you need to know to go on an amazing safari using this INTERACTIVE PLANNER

There are thousands of options and it is


  • You have no idea where to go or when the best time of year is to go
  • You don't know what company to trust to book your dream trip
  • You aren't sure if you can afford it
  • You are afraid that going on safari means sleeping in a tent and maybe getting eaten by lions
  • You are worried that it is boring just driving around looking for animals and don't know the other activities

If you want to see wildlife in the wild, you need to go soon while there are still wild places and wild animals to see.

Lisa Roberti


This INTERACTIVE PLANNER will teach you everything you need to know about turning your dream safari into REALITY

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Once you have completed the planner, at your own pace, you will :

  • have a clear vision of the safari that fits in your budget
  • know the best types of accommodations for you
  • know the country and season that is best suited for you
  • understand the options for activities available
  • be able to book your trip with confidence and trust
  • have all the questions to ask to know exactly how much your safari will cost - no surprises!
  • have all the tips necessary to have an adventure of a lifetime

This guide is specifically designed for the wildlife lover that wants to have an amazing safari and is excited about all the opportunities available.


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What's Inside the Planner

Module 1: Introduction

The Introduction explains the best way to navigate through the planner.   It also quickly touches on the benefits of going on safari for you, the countries, and the wildlife.   Lastly, it gives a bio of Lisa, your guide through this course.

Module 2: Dreams

Maybe you've been dreaming about your safari for your entire life and you think you know what you want and where to go...but, do this section anyway because this module really dives into all the activities that are available to you.   Some people are happy to go on game drives the entire trip while others want more activities like ATVs or white water rafting, beach time, wineries,  or many others that are discussed.

This module also dives into levels of luxury.   What are you used to at home?   Getting real about your comfort level about being in the wild and expectations.   

By the end of this module, you will have a firm grip on what you want your dream safari to be

Module 3: Budget

Ahhhh, the money.   In this module, we discuss costs for a safari and the EXTRA costs that you may encounter so that when you are ready to book, there are no financial surprises.     

We also start to look at whether you budget matches your dream and if it doesn't, what you can do to make sure your trip is amazing and meets all your expectations.

Module 4: Accommodations

Using the information you obtained from Module 2 and 3, all the types of accommodations are discussed.    But, we go much deeper.   It's not just about "camping vs. 5 star lodge", it's about large vs small, fenced vs unfenced, green lodges, all inclusive and so much more.   

Module 5: Vehicles

This is an often overlooked item when planning a safari!  But consider, if you are taking a traditional driving safari (as opposed to walking or horseback), you will be spending a LOT to time in the vehicle.   In this module, we cover the different types of vehicles and the pros and cons of each to help you make an educated choice.   This is especially important if you are traveling during shoulder season or rainy season or if anyone in your group has mobility issues.

Module 6: Countries and Seasons

Now that you know what types of activities you want and the accommodations you will love, it is time to look at all the possible countries and the different times of year to travel to those countries.   Choosing a country will be much easier now that you have done all the previous work.  

Module 7: Photography

What you will see is stunning and so different than anything at home and you are sure to want to bring home some pictures to show friends and family.    This section has separate sections for serious photographers (those with heavy equipment) and those that are planning on using cell phones / tablets / point and shoot cameras.   This section is NOT a photography class but will help you set expectations on what type of images you will be able to bring home.   

For photographers, it will also give you a check list on what to look for when booking your safari that is critical for you and your gear.

Module 8: How do you book your safari?

There are many ways to book safaris.  You can do a private trip, a self-guided trip, a group trip (and within group trips you can do specialized group trips).   You can book directly through lodges or even use a travel agent.    In this section, we explore all the different ways and the pros and cons of each so you can decide what best fits you and your dream.

It also gives you ways to ensure your safari provider is legitimate and not a scammer.

Module 9: Comparing Choices

By now, you have several offers or ideas.   How do you compare those  to make sure you are getting the best safari for YOU.   This module will show you how to do that.

Module 10: My trip is booked - what's next?

Woo hoo!!!!!  You are on your way to the most amazing adventure you can imagine!!!  This section is full of practical information you need to have a smooth trip.  (Vaccines, visas, packing lists, and more).


Bonus 1
Insurance Information

Trip Cancellation and Interruption insurance may be an important part of your adventure.  In fact, many companies now require some type of insurance.  

This bonus will arm you with all the questions to ask before buying your policy to make sure there are no surprises in the rare case that you have to make a claim.

Bonus 2
Safari during Covid

Covid has made traveling a little more difficult but it is definitely worth while if you know what to look for.

This important bonus section talks about the need to stay flexible, testing, extra costs for testing, and other Covid related matters.   

Bonus 3
Reading Recommendations

A list of books you can read to make your safari more enjoyable and to help you get even more excited for your journey!

About The Creator of the Planner,
Lisa M. Roberti

Lisa has visited 7 different safari countries in Africa and spent over 40 weeks touring the parks and wildlife rich destinations on the continent.    She has pitched her own tent, stayed in luxury lodges and almost everything in between.

Her passion for wildlife and wild places is known by her acquaintances and she has met 1:1 with many of them to help them plan their safaris.    

Knowing that tourism is what saves wild places, she wanted to help more people design their perfect safari so she created this planner.   Her belief is that when someone designs and executes an amazing trip, they will come home and tell all their friends - and then some of them will also travel to Africa.    Africa needs tourists to save the wild places and this is one of Lisa's way of helping to preserve the wild places for gernerations to come.

Lisa Roberti - wildlife photographer - with a mug in Sabi Sands South Africa

Here’s what people are saying about Lisa

Lynne Rittiner


Multiple amazing trips planned with help from Lisa!

Lisa helped us plan our first family safari for July 2017. She took great effort in putting together an itinerary for our extended family of 9 people ranging in ages between 17 and 79 with various levels of adventure, interests and comfort standards.  With this information she determined which parks and conservancies would make the most sense for us, including climate considerations (heat and dust).

She took the time to find out about our various interests so other opportunities could be added to our itinerary.  In addition to the many incredible game drives, these activities included:  4 wheeling, horseback riding, fishing, hot air balloon ride, conservation experiences, cultural experiences, historic sites, specialty restaurants.

She also made sure to understand each person’s comfort level to help determine the best lodges and camps for our requirements:  fenced in or free roaming wildlife, eco-friendly, any family tent requirements, and luxury standard.

After the itinerary was set, she put together a dossier for us which included a packing list, recommended reading list, information on Kenya, an English-Swahili word list.  I found this information very helpful. (I never would have thought to pack winter pajamas for a trip to Africa.)  There were also tips and suggestions regarding food, money and tipping guidelines, info about laundry at the camps, helpful camera tips, visa info, luggage tips, and so much more.

Overall, I felt very prepared, very safe, and very comfortable with the accommodations, drivers and guides selected for us.  Since that amazing first experience, Lisa has helped me plan two additional Safaris which also were AMAZING and extremely well planned.

Margarita Bellinger

Florida, USA

She made several suggestions of how I could get so much more out of my safari.

Knowing how often Lisa travels to Africa, I reached out to her about a trip I was planning with friends to get a “second”, more informed opinion about it.   I am so glad that I did!  

I really wanted to see a lot in my time in Africa and Lisa, after reviewing the itinerary, pointed out to me that the schedule was too ambitious and had so much driving time between locations that I would actually see very little.   She made several suggestions of how I could get so much more out of my safari.  She provided key contacts as well.  Unfortunately, I haven’t made the trip yet, but I now know what to look for when booking my safari hopefully in the next year or so and have adapted my itinerary based on her recommendations.    

Lisa’s knowledge, enthusiasm, and passion for Africa and her wild places is contagious and I can’t wait to experience it for myself, hopefully in the very near future. 

Maribeth Roberti

Illinois, USA

It was so great to have someone experience to take all the stress away from planning such an amazing trip.

Lisa managed the trip every step of the way.   She prepared us for everything:  packing, accommodations, food, flights, and expectations.

She has so much knowledge and passion for Africa's people and wildlife.   She explained the pros / cons of fling in small planes to driving, gave us VISA info and vaccine information.  

It was so great to have someone experienced to take all the stress away from planning such an amazing trip.

I want to take my daughters to Africa and I know I'll be calling on Lisa to help me plan the perfect trip for us.

Most people only go on safari once in their lifetime

so make it the best it can possibly be

Learning about different levels of accommodations, the countries and what they offer, the best time to travel, transportation, what to look for in an offer, etc. will be the difference between a life enhancing trip and just an ok trip.

The Safari of your dreams Planner

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A 100% satisfaction guarantee for 30 days after the planner is delivered.   

If you feel the planner was not helpful in designing and booking a safari, contact us for a full refund.  The refund will be given promptly.

Who this planner is for...

  • anyone that dreams of going on safari
  • photographers (special sections for photographers with heavy gear)
  • non-photographers (sections on what type of photos you can take with your cell phone, point & shoot, or tablet)
  • anyone planning their safari

Who this planner is NOT for...

  • Hunters
  • People that want to travel with young children (there is nothing in the course that discusses traveling with young children)
  • someone that does not want to go on safari 

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you sell safaris?

No.  That is one of the highlights of this planner.   Lisa is not a travel agent or a tour guide.   She is not selling safaris.  The information in here is not biased by a company or lodge.  It is just information from her own experiences and research and helping others plan safaris.    

What experience does Lisa have to create this planner?

Lisa has visited 7 different safari countries in Africa and has spent over 40 weeks on safari.   She has gone on super budget - pitch your own tent trips to fairly high end luxury trips and many in between.   She has booked through groups and has also booked her own trips.  

She has planned group trips for families and has helped a number of acquaintances over phone and zoom plan their safaris.   

Does the planner give specific recommendations for lodges and tour companies?

Because there are so many countries and parks and lodges, it is not possible to give recommendations for specific lodges.   There will be links to lodge reviews that she has done in the past.

She does give some recommended travel companies as well as how to make sure the company you are looking it is a reputable company and has experience in Africa and the country of your choice.

Is this planner going to end with a purchase for something else that I need to buy?

No.   The guide is inclusive with what you need to know to design your safari.    

At the end, you will have an option to book 1:1 consult with Lisa to go over your planned itinerary / company but it is not necessary or required.

Is there any kind of Refund or Gaurantee?

The planner is full of information that you can't find on the internet.   But in the rare case that you want a refund, there is a 30 day money back guarantee.    If you feel the planner did not help you design and book your safari, simply email me at for a full refund.

What if I have a question before I buy the Planner?

If you aren't sure if the planner is right for you, feel free to send your questions about the planner to me at

A note from Lisa

For most people, a safari is a big financial investment as well as a trip that has been dreamt about for a very long time.    Many people don't understand the options available to them and will simply visit a travel agent and get a safari that doesn't meet their expectations.  

My goal is for you to have the BEST experience of your life on safari and to do that, the safari has to match your dreams and your dreams match the safari.    By going through the planner, you will find out the options for safari and you will be able to meet your expectations with your budget and have an absolutely fabulous trip!

Don't wait another minute to turn your dreams into reality.   Start your journey with the planner today.

Lisa Roberti Wildlife Photography