I don't remember who told me the story or when I first heard it, but it must have been several years ago.

The story of a man who rescued a herd of elephants and earned their deep love and respect stayed with me.

It touched something inside me, but as life often goes, I forgot all about it... until recently.

A few weeks ago, a friend on Facebook shared her excitement about a book called "The Elephants of Thula Thula," the third installment in a series.

That post reminded me of the story, and I knew I had to read the books and discover the incredible journey of this man and the extraordinary elephants he devoted himself to.

I ordered all three books: "The Elephant Whisperer," "There's an Elephant in my Kitchen," and "The Elephants of Thula-Thula."

Carrying the first book with me on a recent trip, I dove into its pages, ready to immerse myself in the emotional rollercoaster that awaited.

From the very beginning, the beauty of Lawrence Anthony's writing captivated me.

His words painted beautiful pictures, bringing to life a dangerous and enchanting herd and their intertwining fates. 

Through his storytelling, I discovered not only the incredible world of elephants but also the rich tapestry of the Zulu people and their traditions. I gained insight into the complexities of conservation, tribal conflicts, and the daunting challenges faced by those working to protect wildlife in the face of government regulations.

But what truly touched me were the accounts of trust and connection between Lawrence Anthony and the elephants. With each turned page, I embarked on a journey that was both breathtaking and heart-wrenching.

The book evoked so many emotions—smiles, tears, a racing heart, and sweaty palms. I found myself holding my breath in suspense during perilous encounters with poachers and even in moments of tension with the elephants.

Lawrence Anthony's storytelling skills are extraordinary. He vividly describes each moment, allowing the reader to experience the trials and triumphs alongside him.

As I read, it felt as though I walked every step of the journey, sharing in the joys and sorrows, and connecting with the profound bond between man and animal.

However, I made a mistake—an emotional one. I read the final chapters of the book while on an airplane, and the floodgates of my emotions burst open. The decisions Lawrence had to make and the losses he had to endure left me sobbing uncontrollably. It was a powerful reminder of the  impact a book can have on our hearts and souls.

"The Elephant Whisperer" is not merely a book; it's an experience.

Whether you are an avid animal lover or simply someone who appreciates the majesty of nature, I implore you to read this remarkable story. 

It shines a light on the sacrifices made in order to save the lives of these magnificent creatures, providing a deeper understanding of the complexities of human-wildlife conflict and the relentless poaching crisis. 

So, pick up "The Elephant Whisperer" and prepare to be moved, enlightened, and forever changed.

I purchased the soft cover edition of the book and absolutely loved seeing the words on a physical page and the feel of the paper as I turned the pages.   I usually read on a kindle app on my phone, but somehow the book felt more visceral, more real by turning the pages...perhaps bringing me back to my childhood before electronic books and audible were there - back to my curious wonders and delights of childhood.

However you desire to read it (paper back, hard cover, audible, kindle), I highly recommend you pick up a copy and read it!

Here is a link to purchase the book.  This is my affiliate link from Amazon- it is no different for you to use it (the cost is the same) but it makes a world of difference to me.   The small commission I get paid for pointing you in the right direction helps me to keep creating content.   I so appreciate it!

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Below is the video review of the book if you prefer a video version.

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