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It's so quiet in nature, just the sound of hushed voices, anxious for our first tiger sighting.... then perhaps monkeys screaching, or birds calling out in warning, and my heart will skip a beat and my ears will strain to hear....and then, the crunching of the dried leaves on the forest bed... my heart will race as I peer through the branches...waiting for my first glimpse of the black stripes...

The Wildlife and Nature Guild will begin with my trip to the wilds of India in mid-April. I will travel over 24 hours to get to central India. While there, the temperatures will be above 115 Fahrenheit. I’ll go with a naturalist and driver /guide into the natural parks in search of the extraordinary wildlife. Through the heat, sun, and dust, I hope to encounter tigers, sloth bears, jackals, different deers, monkeys, leopards, and other wildlife. The 10.5 hour time difference from my home in the Chicago suburbs, jet lag, long travel time, and extreme heat will be worth it to witness the extraordinary wildlife of central India. 

Would you like to experience extraordinary wildlife and nature without leaving the comfort of your home?

Join my Wildlife and Nature Guild!

and look over my shoulder as I travel to the remote regions of India and around the world.

Membership of the Guild Includes*:
Private Facebook Group
Exclusive images and videos

Interviews with naturalists and guides (when available)

Videos of hotels

Exclusive Facebook live (when available)

Ability to ask questions and interact with me and the other members of the Guild
Traveling “Tails”
While I’m traveling, daily updates of the stories, behaviors, animals, local cultures, etc. delivered via email (internet dependent)

When not traveling, bi-weekly emails including fun stories of past travels, animal antics, pictures, travel tips etc.
Digital Images
At least one of my favorite photographs in digital form suitable to print up to  8” x 10” from the trip

Discounts on photo gifts (coming soon)
Lisa M Roberti Wildlife Photographer
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As a Wildlife and Nature Guild member, you will automatically get updates on my upcoming trips including:
Alaska - in search of Grizzly Bears
San Juan Islands - Orcas
Kenya - wildlife and culture
Yellowstone - wildlife and nature
Himalayas - Wildlife - including snow leopards, culture, and nature
Indonesia - wildlife - including Orangutans and Komodo dragons, culture and nature
Galapagos - wildlife and nature
Botswana - wildlife
Tonga - humpback whales
Madagascar - wildlife, culture, nature
Alaska - Polar Bears and nature
and more to come…

* I reserve the right to change the Membership benefits at any time.
You can unsubscribe from the membership at any time.
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