Wildlife and Nature Guild

Would you like to experience extraordinary wildlife and nature without leaving the comfort of your home?

Join my Wildlife and Nature Guild!
and look over my shoulder as I travel to remote regions around the world.
For a limited time, membership to the Wildlife and Nature Guild is FREE!
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What is a Guild?
In short, a Guild is a fancy way of describing a group of like minded people. I chose the word Guild to describe this exclusive group of people that love the idea of traveling, love wildlife, nature, and different cultures.

Is this group right for me?
If you answer one or more of the below with YES, then this Wildlife and Nature Guild is perfect for you!
Do you love wildlife?
Do you love to learn about new cultures?
Do you love nature?
Do you like to travel or have a desire to travel?
Would you like to experience traveling to remote areas of the world without leaving the comfort of your home?
Do you enjoy seeing beautiful images of wildlife, nature, and different cultures?
Do you enjoy reading stories about the lives of animals?

Why am I doing this?
For as long as I can remember, I have loved animals and dreamed of seeing them in the wild - where they belong.
In my early twenties, I spent a year's salary and took a leave of absence to travel 6 weeks in East and Central Africa.  Since then, I've continued to travel through the world and capture the intense moments of the wild.
It is the deep drive in my soul to help these animals. By showcasing my stories and images, I'm bringing their lives into the spotlight. I'm giving a voice to those that have no voice. 
Won't you join me?
Membership in the Guild Includes*:
Traveling “Tails” E-mail
Occassional emails including fun stories of past travels, animal antics, pictures, travel tips etc.
Each month, you'll receive one of my favorite photographs in digital form to use as a screen saver or wall paper for your phone or computer. 

The above delivered via email.

Discounts on photo gifts (coming soon).
Facebook Group
Sneak peaks at Images and videos.

Interviews with naturalists and guides (when available).

Videos of hotels.

Ability to ask questions and interact with me and the other members of the Guild.

(Links will be sent via email to view the videos if you do not "do" facebook!).

Lisa M Roberti Wildlife Photographer
For a limited time, membership to the Wildlife and Nature Guild is FREE!
Sign up below to Join Me in the Jungle!
As a Wildlife and Nature Guild member, you will automatically get updates on my upcoming trips including:
Kenya - amazing wildlife of Africa
Yellowstone - wildlife and nature
Galapagos - wildlife and nature
Madagascar - wildlife, culture, nature
Botswana - wildlife
Tonga - Humpback whales
Alaska - polar bears
and more to come…

* I reserve the right to change the Membership benefits at any time.
You can unsubscribe from the membership at any time.
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