My love affair started in Kenya with my first trip over 30 years ago.    Although I've traveled to 10 different countries in Africa for wildlife safaris, Kenya remains my favorite.   It just feels like home.    I usually spend 2-3 months a year in Kenya and have been doing that since 2015.   Even with that much travel, I feel like I've barely scratched the surface of what Kenya has to offer.

I have so many images and stories to tell about Kenya and with all my travel, I haven't had a chance to edit images and write the stories.   Starting in 2024, I'm cutting down on travel so I can tell the stories that are meant to be shared.

Until then, here is the content I have so far in Blog Posts and YouTube videos.   Be sure to sign up for then newsletter to get notified of new content.

You can also visit my travel gallery to get an idea of the wildlife and topography.   (not much on here yet -- but it's coming)

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