I usually like to plan out the details of my trip and research any new destinations before departing from home, but this time I was unable to do that.    

Luckily,  sometimes the unexpected is what makes a trip truly memorable.  

Gabon, a country in West Africa that isn't exactly a tourist hotspot and I wasn't sure what to expect.   But boy, was I in for a surprise! 

The first stop was Libreville, the capital city, and we stayed at the Complexe Hotelier de la Sabliere hotel.

I'm used to traveling in English-speaking countries in East and Southern Africa, so I wasn't prepared for the language barrier in Gabon.   

Very few staff members in the hotel spoke English and I have  0 knowledge of the French language.    

The company I was traveling with, The Odysseia Collection, has Alice, one of the founding members, who is amazing in every way and speaks fluent French.   She was our much-needed translator for the entire trip as well as hostess extraordinaire.

The hotel itself is beautiful with air-conditioned rooms and all the amenities you could ask for - private bathrooms with a bathtub/ shower, plush king-sized beds, and plenty of storage space.

One of the rooms in the hotel
A different room in the hotel
The bath tub in one of the rooms
The toiletries provided in the room
more toiletries provided

The hotel uses the C type plug. 

The receptor for a C-Type plug

The staff, despite the language barrier, were all smiles and went above and beyond to make sure we had a comfortable stay.

And the food? Let's just say the croissants and bread had a distinct French flair that left me wanting more.  The rest of the food was delicious too.

One of the highlights of the Complexe Hotelier de la Sabliere was the pool area. With lounge chairs, a bar, and a seating area, it was the perfect spot to relax and unwind after a day of exploring or just getting over jet lag.   And I heard the mango mojitos were to die for.

walkway to the pool and the beach overlook
the lounge chairs around the pool
the sitting area around the pool

Although we weren't able to access the beach directly from the hotel, the deck provided stunning views of the water. And even during high tide, when the water came upalmost to the wall, it was still a sight to behold.

The deck area above the beach

A beautiful deck with sitting areas just beyond the pool and above the beach

A view of the beach from the deck
The view of the other side of the beach

Overall,my stay at the Complexe Hotelier de la Sabliere in Gabon was a pleasant surprise. From the exceptional service to the delicious food and stunning pool area, it was the start to a trip I'll never forget.

room service breakfast tray with beautiful fresh fruit - watermelon pineapple kiwi and freshly baked croissants

We had to leave in the morning before the restaurant was open, so the hotel provided us with this beautiful room service breakfast

The hotel is less than 1/2 hour from the Libreville airport.   I would absolutely recommend this hotel and would stay there again if the opportunity ever arises.

Below is a video -- very similar information with a bit more ๐Ÿ™‚

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