Rwanda is a fabulous country for gorilla trekking.   They also have other wildlife-rich destinations as well as a soul-moving genocide museum in Kigali.

I have spent a few days in Kigali and have 8 gorilla treks in Rwanda (2016 and 2021).   Being on the ground with gorillas is an experience that I have no words to describe.  If you are a wild-life lover, I highly recommend a trek (or 3 or more).

One day, I'd love to explore some of the other parks Rwanda has to offer as well as more gorilla trekking.

I have so much content that I want to write about Rwanda and videos to create as well as guides to help you navigate Rwanda.  These are all coming soon (once my travel slows down in 2024.)  

My travel gallery with images from the gorilla treks can be found here.  

Until then, here is a tiny little peek into Rwanda.


close up portrait of a young mountain gorilla in Rwanda

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