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a leopard stretches in the Masai Mara Kenya

Where to find Wildlife Content

Website -   The quarter's travel plans are listed on the front page of the website.   Links to articles, shopping, info about me, etc.

Articles - The articles are usually accompanied by photographs and videos.   The articles range from animal stories, travel journals, trip reports, travel information, and conservation.

Travel gallery - This is a work in progress as I cull and edit through photographs from my past trips.    The images in the travel galleries are not necessarily "stellar" images, but they will give you a great sense of the location and experiences.

Facebook -  photographs with a little bit of the story behind the image.  I post different content to Instagram and FB

Instagram - videos and photographs with some of the story.   I post different content to Instagram and FB

Youtube - videos of animal behavior and lodge reviews

Wildlife and Travel Conservation Group - A public FaceBook group to discuss travel to wildlife rich places and conservation.  

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