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Hi, I'm 

I can't remember a time in my life where I wasn't drawn to animals (well...complete transparency, I didn't and still don't like bugs or spiders or slimy fishes) . . . and even though I did and still do have a spider phobia, I cried when the older kids pulled the legs off the daddy long legs spiders.

As a child, I begged to go to the circus and the zoo, anything that offered a glimpse of wild animals or a chance to get closer to them.   In my early twenties, I finally took a six week trip to East Africa - to finally see wild animals in the wild and I was hooked!   I can't even explain the feeling in my soul of connection, belonging, and home.  

Life got in the way and I didn't return to the wilds until 2015.    I had many life experiences between the years including volunteering at an exotic animal sanctuary and learned so much about the plight of animals - both in captivity and in the wild.

I learn more every day about the exploitation of animals, conservation, consumer choices (ie. buying products not tested on animals), and how to travel sustainably.    It is my mission to continue learning and to share what I have learned so that together, we can preserve the natural world for generations to come.


I learn more every day about the animal kingdom and natural world.   I've sorted what I've learned into three categories and created the ACT PACT.    Asking people to take a PACT to ACT in the best interest of the animal kingdom and nature.

Animal Dignity

  • The risks of selfie images with wildlife to both human and animal
  • Unnatural behaviors for animals - elephants painting, monkeys riding a bike, etc
  • Dog fighting
  • Puppy Mills
  • Roadside Zoos
  • Animal Testing for cosmetics and drugs

Conservation Choices

  • Trophy Hunting
  • Poaching
  • consumer choices that save habitats (ie. Palm Oil)
  • Human / wildlife conflict

Travel Sustainably

  • How to be a good tourist
  • Choosing locations and lodges that are have environment sustainable practices
  • Many jobs are created for locals through tourism which creates a love for the animals and a desire to keep the land wild
  • Researching any wildlife related activities to verify they are truly conservation and animal friendly


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Find the email sent by us. It has the subject line" Subject Line" and is sent from " From Name Here".




That's it! You now have imediate access to your free course.

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Peruse the gallery of photographs to pick the perfect fine art print for your home or office.  

The prints are created from a professional lab using state of the art equipment (chemical prints not inkjet prints) and shipped directly to you ready for mounting and framing.

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All three types are available in multiple sizes.

A store that gives back

With every purchase in the store, a donation is made through B1G1 giving platform to fabulous organizations that are making a difference in this world.

Blankets, towels, journals, posters, shirts, laptop cases and more are available with wildlife and nature images and graphics.

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